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Gluskin Sheff

Making wealth management accessible

When Gluskin Sheff, one of Canada’s top wealth management firms, went through a rebrand with one of Canada’s leading brand agencies, we were called on as a partner to reimagine their digital experience. We focused on elevating their identity by enhancing the strong connections they have with their customers, while expanding their voice to resonate with a more diverse demographic.

Gluskin Sheff Website on Tablet
  • Year 2019
  • Services
    • User Research
    • Content Strategy
    • UX Strategy
    • Visual Design
    • Front-end Development
    • Back-end Development
    • Content Management System
    • Client Portal Development
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Traditional in name, modern in approach

The financial sector is risk-averse by nature, but being a leader means stepping forward and we guided Gluskin Sheff towards a website that reflected the progressive nature of the rebrand. The design language is rooted in approachability, shedding traditional stiffness in favor of a broad color palette, human-centric imagery, and rich layers of interaction and animation. The new website stands out from a sea of sameness as a modern and engaging online experience.

Image Spread of Gluskin Sheff Website
Your portfolio in your pocket

Through our UX workshops, we unlocked the need to design with a mobile-first approach. We leveraged mobile layouts to promote critical messaging and layered interactive features to guide users through supporting content. A flagship client portal system was also extended to work on mobile devices, empowering customers to manage their portfolio from the palm of their hand.

Gluskin Sheff Website on Mobile
Image Spread of Gluskin Sheff Website on Mobile Devices


The team behind the teamwork

With the team being their greatest strength, we wanted to convey the expertise and experience behind the Gluskin Sheff name. The page was designed to communicate the comprehensive and interconnected nature of the organization, with each of the individual bios meant to feel personal and approachable.

Gluskin Sheff Lifestyle Image Gluskin Sheff Lifestyle Image
Gluskin Sheff Lifestyle Image


Keeping it simple

With a lean towards younger, less-experienced investors, we set out to improve clarity around Gluskin Sheff's diverse product portfolio in order to strengthen the connection with their audience. We infused the products with much needed context, leading with their approach to investment management while layering supporting information into the product details.

Gluskin Sheff Website on Tablet
Gluskin Sheff Lifestyle Image