Open Farm

Open Farm

Building a better pet food

Committed to raising the bar on the way we feed our pets, Open Farm is a leader in ethical and sustainable practices, and a driving force for positive change in their industry. We've partnered closely with Open Farm over the past several years, working together to create their award-winning ecommerce website and a range of digital solutions for their team.

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  • Year 2019
  • Services
    • UX Strategy
    • Visual Design
    • Interactive Design
    • Front-end Development
    • Content Management System
    • Shopify Integration
    • Custom API Development
    • Search Engine Optimization
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This is an entirely new approach to pet food

Open Farm has brought their mission to create more nutritious and ethically sourced pet food to life using a brand story rooted in their origins and beliefs. We focused on creating a digital experience that honored their vision, and sat firmly at the intersection of product-centric and brand-driven. Because when people make emotional connections with a brand's story, they've taken that first step towards clicking “Buy”.

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Interactive Tools

Not just pet food: pet-worthy food

Open Farm has pulled back the curtain on nutrition, ingredients, and ethical sourcing, fusing education and transparency into the core of their brand. Using these pillars as our guide, we created a series of interactive tools to help users navigate their robust product catalogue and better understand the production process, deepening their connection with the brand and confidence in its product line.

Know what’s in their bowl

Open Farm is committed to transparency and we worked with them to develop an industry-first tool that ties the Lot Code on each bag to detailed information about the origin of its ingredients. It’s a unique concept, and just one example of the solutions we develop to serve both our clients and their customers.

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