Modern support for traditional communities

SeeChange is an innovative non-profit organization, taking a community-first approach to tackling the urgent health care needs of the Indigenous populations they support. We worked closely with the SeeChange team to shape their brand story and bring it to life online, designing a website focused on raising awareness, and using a narrative approach to showcase the power of their work.

SeeChange Website on Tablet
  • Year 2020
  • Services
    • Content Strategy
    • UX Strategy
    • Visual Design
    • Interactive Design
    • Prototyping
    • Front-end Development
    • Back-end Development
    • Payment Processing
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A worthy cause with a powerful story

Partnering closely with the SeeChange team, we worked to uncover a broad range of ideas that help bring their efforts to life. We blended engaging moments of discovery with compelling content and media, weaving together a site-wide narrative experience focused on the organization, their causes, and the challenge of inspiring viewers to take action.

Image Spread of SeeChange Website


A new approach to change

Transformative work deserves a compelling treatment. We designed an experience that immerses viewers in the causes that SeeChange champions, bringing the organization's ethos to the fore and forging a connection with the audience. Through interactive and animated storytelling, we juxtaposed key information with rich photography and bold quotes to inspire involvement and create lasting impact.

SeeChange Website on Tablets


Connected to the cause

From its inception, SeeChange has moved quickly and evolved dramatically, scaling both their team and its efforts in order to provide meaningful support to new causes. In a nod to the organization’s timeline, we designed their story as a horizontal scrolling experience to guide users through a compelling progression that emphasizes the depth and dimension of the SeeChange story.

SeeChange Lifestyle Image
SeeChange Lifestyle Image
SeeChange Website on Mobile Devices


There is more than one way to show support

Financial donations are always appreciated, but SeeChange also wanted to emphasize the importance of volunteer work and organizational partnerships. We consolidated these engagement opportunities into a page with multiple avenues to connect, including an intuitive donation form with support for both credit card and PayPal donations.

SeeChange Website on Tablet