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Art Canada Institute

A modern way to experience classical art

The Art Canada Institute is an innovator in the art history space, creating authoritative publications on the defining figures of Canadian art history. We've been a proud partner since 2013, supporting the ACI’s mission through the design and the development of their website and its publication systems.

Art Canada Institute Website on Mobile
  • Year 2020
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Powering the future of art history

At the heart of the ACI initiative is a proprietary publication studio that powers their flagship Art Books project. A robust content management system empowers authors and editors to collaborate as they produce interactive online books and their downloadable PDF counterparts. The studio’s reach extends across the website, surrounding the Art Books with rich editorial content and interactive media, all in both English and French.

Art Canada Institute Website on Tablets
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Online Art Books

Developing the narrative

ACI’s Art Books are deeply personal stories of the artists they depict, and we’ve developed a modular system that allows the editorial team to craft flexible narratives around each artist. Chapter management, interactive galleries, and a diverse range of content options breath life into these truly unique biographies.

Art Canada Institute Art Book on Mobile Device and in Print
Art Canada Institute Art Books in Print
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Art Canada Institute Lifestyle Image