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Brott & Co

Real estate gets fresh

Anyone who thinks real estate is boring has never met Alex Brott and her team. Fresh, forward-thinking, and never shy with opinions, her agency Brott & Co. needed a digital presence that could convey that same approach, presenting a stand-out identity for the brand and the unique homes they specialize in.

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  • Year 2020
  • Services
    • UX Strategy
    • Visual Design
    • Interactive Design
    • Prototyping
    • Front-end Development
    • Back-end Development
    • Content Management System


Personality, personality, personality

On the street, location is everything, but online your brand takes center stage. To bring Brott & Co's digital identity to life, we embraced ways to showcase the brand’s provocative point of view. Bold headlines and compelling stories give voice to their fresh perspective while large, richly rendered photographs pull the viewer into the luxurious spaces they specialize in.

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Image Spread of Brott & Co. Website
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A story, not just an address

Every home has something to say, and Brott & Co’s listings certainly aren’t whispering. We designed listing pages that tell a story worthy of the homes they showcase, and come to life dramatically on the screen. A flexible management system allows the team to get creative with their listings, combining sassy headlines, striking imagery and immersive video to create memorable impact on every page.

Brott & Co. Listing Page
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Agents, provocateurs

Brott & Co’s team is as unique as their approach, with each member bringing their own flavor and fitting in by standing out. It’s this brash mix of individuality and deep experience that’s helped propel them to success, and we made sure to center it in our approach. The team page is designed to establish rapport, leading with a personal introduction before showcasing detailed individual profiles where prospective clients can learn about the experience behind the personalities.

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